My exploration took me on a journey; into self discovery, flexibility and strength. I found prevention in calisthetics. A movement for life.

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A Journey of Strength & Mobility

Having completed my degree in health science, masters in exercise physiology and a further 12 years of clinical treatment. I couldn’t ignore the connection between modern living and physical wear and tear. This prompted me to explore alternatives for long-term physical health. Fascinated by the strength and flexibility of gymnasts, I delved into researching gymnastics and calisthenics to understand their principles.

In 2017, I began experimenting with calisthenics, which provided the perfect balance for me with its functional approach and alignment with my education. Combining my knowledge and clinical experience, I now find deep satisfaction in creating strength programs that enhance mobility and prioritise injury prevention. This journey of self-discovery has shown me that calisthenics is a movement for life, offering preventive measures for a healthier body.


Providing answers to commonly asked questions about calisthenics, its benefits, and how it can be incorporated into your fitness journey.
Do I need any prior experience before beginning restore program ?

You do not need any prior experience, each exercise is demonstrated with the first timer or novice in mind.

Does restore require any equipment?

Yes, you may need a bar or a set of rings or both for the hanging exercises.

  • A cushion or soft mat,
  • Theraband
  • Chair or a low box
  • A wall

Most of the equipment you can find lying around the house.  With the exception of rings and therabands which would be a welcome addition to home or you may have a gym membership in which you will find this equipment and more.

Can I use your program as a rehabilitation program for my injury?

I recommend working privately with an healthcare provider - doctor, osteopath or physical practitioner to help guide your specific needs.

Restore was designed to minimize the risk of injury by “restoring” balance to the tissues and joints. Not specifically designed for injury rehabilitation.