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Are you frequently telling yourself you need to become more flexible? More strong? Or “I need to do something?”
If so, I have built this training for you.

These are questions I can answer for you, so the hard work is done.









12 week mobility program

Unlock Your Potential with Access to Instructive Videos

$95 / one time purchase

Introducing our latest offering: “Restore.” This program focuses on building a solid foundation from the ground up. Regardless of your experience level, it emphasises correct shapes, stretches, and equips you with essential knowledge about proper positioning. Delivered conveniently online, you’ll have unlimited access to this program, accompanied by ongoing support from our vibrant community. Drawing from a fusion of clinical expertise and personal practices, “Restore” is designed to establish a robust groundwork, laying the path for impressive feats of strength and performance.


Providing answers to commonly asked questions about calisthenics, its benefits, and how it can be incorporated into your fitness journey.
Do I need any prior experience before beginning restore program ?

You do not need any prior experience, each exercise is demonstrated with the first timer or novice in mind.

Does restore require any equipment?

Yes, you may need a bar or a set of rings or both for the hanging exercises.

  • A cushion or soft mat,
  • Theraband
  • Chair or a low box
  • A wall

Most of the equipment you can find lying around the house.  With the exception of rings and therabands which would be a welcome addition to home or you may have a gym membership in which you will find this equipment and more.

Can I use your program as a rehabilitation program for my injury?

I recommend working privately with an healthcare provider - doctor, osteopath or physical practitioner to help guide your specific needs.

Restore was designed to minimize the risk of injury by “restoring” balance to the tissues and joints. Not specifically designed for injury rehabilitation.